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How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Serious Car Crash?

Aftermath of serious car crash
People can suffer a range of injuries when they’re involved in car accidents, from minor injuries to more serious injuries. In some cases, the victims of car accidents might be left with permanent disabilities and a greatly reduced quality of ...
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What to Look for in a Serious Car Accident Attorney

If you’re involved in a serious car accident, seeking help from an experienced attorney is critical. However, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of personal injury lawyers advertising in your area. Fortunately, most car accident lawyers offer free ...
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When Should I Start to Receive Workers’ Compensation Payments?

If you were seriously injured in an accident at work, you might be worried about how you will make ends meet while you’re unable to work. Thankfully, workers’ compensation is available to pay for your medical expenses and replace a ...

How to Check the Status of Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Injured man talking on phone in bed, crutches beside him, wearing neck brace
If you have suffered serious injuries at work or developed an occupational disease, workers’ compensation should pay for your medical bills and replace a portion of the income you previously earned if your injuries keep you from returning to work. ...

Tips for Sharing the Road with Trucks

Overhead shot of highway with semitrucks and other vehicles
While trucks play a vital role in our economy and transport goods we all rely on, they can also be dangerous to other motorists. Semi-trucks are significantly larger than passenger vehicles and can be at least ten times heavier. Because ...
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How Common Are Amusement Park Accidents?

Roller coaster zooming past, blurry vehicles, blue sky
Millions of people go to amusement parks each year to enjoy the rides and excitement they offer. Missouri boasts numerous amusement parks, located in Branson, St. Louis, Kansas City, and more. When people visit amusement parks, they generally expect the ...
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Who Is Liable for an Amusement Park Injury?

amusement park ride silhouette at sunset
Roughly 375 million people will visit an amusement park this year. With their rides, attractions, shows, boutiques, restaurants, and activities, theme parks are popular destinations in the summertime. However, accidents sometimes occur. If you or your loved one suffer an ...
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Is There a Black Box in Commercial Trucks?

Overhead shot of semi truck on highway
Billions of tons of goods, which are worth trillions of dollars, are transported in the U.S. each year, and large portions of these goods are delivered by commercial trucks. Transportation companies want to track the trucks in their fleets to ...
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What to Expect with a Boating Accident Lawsuit

Motorboat in lake at sunset
Millions of people visit Branson, Missouri, each year to explore the city’s many attractions, dine at its fabulous restaurants, and boat and fish on its lakes. Branson provides access to three popular lakes: Lake Taneycomo, Table Rock Lake, and Bull ...
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What Happens If I Let Someone Borrow My Car and They Get in an Accident?

Person handing car keys through open window to young woman driver
When a friend or family member asks to borrow your car, you probably don’t expect them to get into an accident. But unfortunately, traffic collisions can happen at any time. If the person who borrowed your vehicle gets into a ...
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