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Why You Need a Local Attorney If You’re Injured on Vacation

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Are you eagerly anticipating an upcoming vacation? We hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, and stress-free trip with your loved ones. But unfortunately, sometimes travelers experience bad luck while away from home. For example, they might be involved in a car accident or slip and fall in a museum. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence while traveling, you might require legal assistance. Scroll down to learn why it’s important to choose an experienced local attorney if you’re injured while on vacation.

The Case for Hiring a Local Attorney

Where Can Attorneys Practice?

If you were injured in an accident caused by someone else during a vacation, you might wonder whether you can hire a lawyer in your home state to represent you in your personal injury case. Generally, attorneys can only practice law in the state or states in which they passed the bar examination and were licensed, but there are exceptions. While you might find a lawyer in your home state who can appear on your behalf under one of the exceptions, it is usually best to hire an experienced local attorney to handle your case instead.

Where Can Lawsuits Be Filed?

Next, you might wonder where you can file a lawsuit if you’re injured while traveling. In general, a person injured in an accident may file a lawsuit in the state where the accident occurred or the state where the defendant resides. For example, if you live in Kansas, your accident happened in Missouri, and the other involved party lives in Colorado, you would either need to file a lawsuit in Missouri or Colorado where the defendant lives. In this type of situation, it is generally in your best interest to file your lawsuit where your accident occurred.

Why Should You Choose a Local Attorney?

The big question is why? Why is it beneficial to hire a local attorney when you’re injured while vacationing out of state? Ultimately, it all comes down to local experience and knowledge.

A local attorney is much more likely to be familiar with the applicable statutes and precedents that will govern your claim. They will also know whether certain doctrines, such as the doctrine of modified comparative negligence, apply to your case. Local laws vary, and if your attorney is not familiar with the way the law works in the area where you were vacationing, it may cause problems in your case.

In addition, local attorneys are more likely to be familiar with the judges, court staff, and the local defense bar. Their insights can increase the likelihood of your success and give you a better understanding of what you might expect throughout the process.

Furthermore, they are more likely to be familiar with local doctors and medical professionals in the area. They understand how medical professionals in the region document injuries, disabilities, and impairments, and they’re familiar with local doctors who can provide the details needed to document your case thoroughly.

Finally, on a practical level, it’s beneficial to hire an local attorney because an out-of-state attorney may need to travel many miles to represent you at multiple hearings.

Talk to an Attorney at the Law Offices of Bryan Musgrave

No one ever wants to think they will be hurt while on vacation, but unfortunately, it does happen. If you have been injured in an accident while on vacation, you should speak to the experienced injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Bryan Musgrave. Call us today for a free consultation at 417-322-2222 or contact us online.

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