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What Happened to Musgrave of Tolbert, Beadle, and Musgrave?

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When a respected and established business changes, its community is bound to take notice. The law firm Tolbert, Beadle, and Musgrave has assisted families in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma with personal injury law since its foundation in 2000. Last year, the law firm’s name was altered to Tolbert Beadle, sparking curiosity about the exit of one of the firm’s founding partners. What happened to Bryan Musgrave of Tolbert, Beadle, and Musgrave?

What Happened to Bryan Musgrave of Tolbert, Beadle, and Musgrave?

Bryan Musgrave was a Founding Partner and Managing Partner at Tolbert, Beadle, and Musgrave, LLC, for seventeen years. He engages in a diverse range of personal injury litigation, including car accidents, semi-truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, premise liability, product liability, and workers’ compensation. Just as before, his practice is 100% devoted to injured clients.

Musgrave decided to branch off last year and create his own firm, the Law Offices of Bryan Musgrave, with offices in Springfield and Joplin. His primary mission in leaving was to focus on a new client-centered and community-orientated practice. The lawyers and staff at Law Offices of Bryan Musgrave offer clients supportive, valuable legal counsel during a difficult time in their lives. Bryan aims to set a higher standard for personal injury law by doing things differently. How? He carefully listens to and educates clients. In a word, he is approachable. The new practice focuses on providing a rewarding experience that benefits clients, the legal profession, and the community.

Keeping this goal close to his heart, Musgrave hopes to grow his new firm in the years to come, changing the practice of law for the better and focusing first and foremost on clients’ needs. To that end, he established these core values for the new Law Offices of Bryan Musgrave:

Our Core Values

To Educate

We assure that our clients clearly understand every step of the process for their case and our role as their advocate.

To Be Accessible

We build personal relationships with our clients based on honest, professional, and understandable communication.

To Be Client-Centered

We focus our energy and expertise on finding a fair and reasonable resolution, one client case at a time.

To Listen

We listen to our clients’ stories and then we listen more. We hear not only their expressed needs but what is unexpressed, and we respond to fully meet their expectations.

To Be Caring

We genuinely care about our clients, their families, our community, and our profession. Our day-to-day work and decisions reflect our commitment to the best interests of all those we represent.

Our Mission

At the Law Offices of Bryan Musgrave, our mission is to ensure that all of our clients feel comfortable that their story has been heard and they understand the legal process. We will actively listen, promptly respond to client inquiries, and explain our approach. The goal is to assure each client has a satisfying experience.

So what happened to Bryan Musgrave of Tolbert, Beadle, and Musgrave? He set off on his own path to create a new, client-focused law firm. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or suffered a personal injury, contact the Law Offices of Bryan Musgrave today, and schedule a free initial consultation to learn about your rights and explore your options. We can help you determine the best course of action so that you can obtain the maximum compensation you deserve and the ideal outcome for your claim. Call 417.322.2222 or contact us online. The consultation is free.

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